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Information Equals Protection.

Information is the best way to safeguard yourself from fraudulent activities. Follow our ZSiG LinkedIn and learn more about protecting yourself by learning more from falsification and deception.


From Information to Intelligence

In 2017 we statistically analyzed over 200 individual expert resumes for trends in CV misrepresentations and recorded our findings (see Graph to right). While we also looked at other variables, we found that inaccuracies on a curriculum vitae are more common than one may realize.

Our original research and analyses showed the following:

  • Up to 49% of the time, an individual’s CV misrepresents at least one current employer or employment position.
  • As much as 39% of the time, the CV misrepresents an active membership in a profession.
  • Up to 20% of the time, the CV misrepresents an active board certification.

Additionally, to find out more about other variables in our research or to find out more about how our research can assist your office in protecting its next win, contact us today.

Researh Results Graph width=
Percentage of time we find a misrepresentation

Invited Presentations & Events

At ZSiG we are always excited to share and learn over 10 years of researching experts.

How Effective is the 23-Point Expert Edge?

Over the past two years we enjoyed invitations to the following conferences to discuss topics including but not limited to: tips and techniques for researching expert witnesses, trends and misrepresentations in expert CVs, why researching the CV matters.

  • Minnesota Association for Justice Cross Examination Seminar
  • National Police Accountability Project Chicago CLE
  • Primerus Plaintiff Personal Injury Institute Winter Conference February 2018
  • SEAK 26th Annual National Expert Witness Conference May 2017 (Ad hoc invite by Dorothy Clay Sims, Esq.)
  • American Association for Justice Jazz Fest May 2017
  • Nevada Reptile © Listserv January 2017
  • Nevada Reptile © Group January 2017
  • Maryland Association for Justice Trial Skills Seminar February 2016
  • New Jersey Association for Justice November 2015
  • Chicago Bar Association November 2015
  • Nevada Justice Association September 2015

Upcoming Events

Spring 2019
Indiana Trial Lawyers Association CLE

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