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Information Research Services

The Expert Edge

Strengthen your case strategy with

  • In-depth information about expert witnesses
  • Analysis on legal-related cases the expert was a part of
  • Business and social media information

Research Techniques

Learn how to perform both physical and virtual research with

  • An introduction to basic research tools, such as Google
  • Information on how to search and navigate databases

*Promotions do not apply to this service.

Employee Background Research

Build trust in your employees with

  • Information on criminal and/or civil cases which may involve an employee or applicant
  • Indicator alerts based on current and potential integrity issues

Tailored Legal Research

Identify the gaps with

  • Analysis of reports for inconsistencies
  • Case-related timelines

Integrity Research

Get to know more about prospective or current company/vendors with

  • Criminal history screenings
  • Information about legal history, financial integrity, and past work performance

*Please note that we do not conduct auditing, forensics, or interviews.

Information Technology Services

IT Consulting

We provide basic IT and affordable consulting services to

  • Streamline productivity
  • Establish reliable cybersecurity

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