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Police Investigate ‘Fake Psychologist’ Who Treated Hundreds in Virginia

“Avery reportedly claimed she had two PhDs and a Master’s degree, while investigators said she hadn’t even graduated from college.” degreeverification

A Virginia woman has been arrested after allegedly pretending to be a licensed psychologist in Stafford County and unlawfully treating hundreds of patients.

The Quiet Revolution in Privacy Protection

“Despite the urgency that has led other regions of the world, like the European Union or Brazil for example to enact legislation around the protection of sensitive data, the U.S. has yet to take this step on a national level. Therefore, where federal laws fall short, many states are taking matters into their own hands — starting a quiet revolution. So where do these changes leave your organization — and how can you prepare for the future of data security and compliance?” dataprivacy informationsecurity informationgovernance

How states are taking privacy law into their own hands and what it means for your business