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We strive for precision, excellence, and authenticity with every client.



Let us take care of the research so you can spend that time to focus on your case.



Our expert team has worked in the legal research and investigative field for years.



With the solid data as your base, you can continue with your case with confidence.

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Thorough Legal Research Tailored to Your Needs

Cases are won or lost by the quality of the research. At ZS Information Group, we are dedicated to deliver the most thorough and effective data to protect your win with a combination of our expert team, resources, and databases.

Our Clients Say:

"Your research was more comprehensive than I anticipated...incredibly user friendly."

-Illinois Legal Malpractice, Personal Injury & Professional Liability Group

"ZS Information group is my competition. I have known the CEO for years...It's not often I find myself praising my competitor but this is one of those times. He's cutting edge on research and I've seen him speak on the topic throughout the U.S."

-Florida-based Deposition and Cross-Examination Consulting Practice

"The work you did was terrific and greatly assisted me...I will definitely contact you to research defense experts in the future."

-California-based Civil Rights and Trial Group

"The process that ZS Information Group used to fine tune its research strategy for our experts in this case was perfect. We like to do some preliminary research on our end and use ZS Information Group to dig a little deeper and get things we may have missed."
- Texas-based Personal Injury, Family Law and Business Litigation Group

"I want to let you know that based on the strength of your reporting, I was able to vanquish this expert and settle this case for the judgment value..."

- Louisiana-based Personal Injury Law Firm

Secure Your Research | Secure Your Win

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